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Thermographic Surveys from South Wales

Thermovey (Southern) Limited in South Wales, understand that electrical and mechanical control systems are at the heart of every manufacturing process and that it is essential to have a proactive maintenance strategy to cover these systems – thermographic surveys should be an essential part of every maintenance system.

Historical maintenance strategies for electrical systems were often time-consuming, where electricians would spend hours checking the tightness of electrical connections within these electrical panels. In today’s demanding manufacturing processes, electricians – or technicians, as they are more likely to be called, are often multi-skilled and cover mechanical activities too, so time management is a critical area of concern.

With production demands and even shorter lead times, it is essential for a maintenance strategy which achieves low levels of production downtime and can be carried out with the least amount of disruption.

Thermographic Surveys are a proactive, non-invasive maintenance technique, where electrical and mechanical maintenance can be undertaken whilst the machinery is in production. Results of the thermographic survey can be used to plan remedial work at a time which is suitable for production and additionally, it allows the maintenance departments time to source spare parts before a breakdown.

Advantages of using Thermovey for your Thermographic Surveys

Thermovey Engineers are formally trained and certified to undertake Thermographic Surveys and to review the results. They can identify the potential problem areas and can either suggest or work with you, to identify a proactive solution to prevent further deterioration and eventual failure. Thermovey engineers have many years of practical experience gained in manufacturing environments and can call upon this experience to assist the maintenance personnel in proactively overcoming the problem. What items of equipment can be surveyed and what potential problems can be identified?

Where Can Thermographic Surveys Be Used?

  • Electrical Motor Control Panels
  • Transformers
  • Process/Material Temperature Changes
  • Process Heat Loss
  • Process/Material Temperature Changes
  • Steam Loss
  • Blocked Process Pipes
Thermographic Equipment

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