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Compressed Air Leakage Surveys

Compressed Air Leak Surveys

Compressed air is often viewed as a “free” resource with no perception of the actual costs involved with producing this widely used manufacturing resource. It is an alarming fact, but compressed air leaks in many manufacturing facilities represent 30 – 35% of the total air generated.
Compressed air leaks result in:

• Oversized compressors
• Rental of additional “back-up” compressors
• Increased cost of electricity consumption
• Increased carbon footprint
• Increased maintenance costs
• Increased noise pollution
• Increased safety risks as compressed air leaks can become larger
and hoses or fittings can occasionally blow off
• Higher air pressure than is necessary to overcome the system leaks
and deliver the required pressure
• Occasional machine breakdowns due to pneumatic failure


Air Leak Equipment

Important considerations in support of undertaking Compressed Air Leak Surveys

Thermovey (Southern) Limited use Ultrasonic measuring equipment to survey a site and determine the exact location of air leaks. The leaks are “tagged” and included in an Asset List and photos are taken of the leak.
The leaks are classified into small, medium and large, so remedial action can be prioritised to target the largest leaks first. A monetary value of each leak is calculated, so that the customer can visualise the cost to their business of each leak identified.
A report is then produced which the customer can use to work their way through the remedial work to repair the identified leaks.

• Non-intrusive surveys which are undertaken whilst full production is maintained
• Reduced electricity, carbon footprint and maintenance costs
• Reduced noise pollution and safety risks
• Quick “payback”, usually with little expenditure
• Ideally incorporated into an ongoing, proactive maintenance strategy
• Improved machine reliability by reducing the risk of pneumatic breakdowns

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