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Carbon Footprint Reduction

"30 years of energy saving experience gained within manufacturing processes to help you reduce your company’s Carbon Footprint"

Sustainability and Environmental Responsibility are areas of a
company’s Corporate Social Responsibility aimed at reducing
pollution, carbon footprint and greenhouse gas emission.

Many companies have documented their strategies for Corporate Social Responsibility at Board Level, however, do not have suitable resources to achieve their goals.

Thermovey can assist with a practical approach to achieving these corporate goals by providing a dedicated engineering resource, having 30 years frontline experience of reducing energy consumption through the implementation of many different projects.

So Why Use Thermovey?

In many manufacturing companies, the responsibility for identifying and reducing the Carbon Footprint is given
to an individual as an additional task to their daily duties. This could lead to the individual juggling many
different tasks and not completing them to their full potential.

Occasionally too, an energy survey undertaken by a traditional energy consultant will produce a document of
additional work for the responsible person, which can require many hours to interpret before constructive work
can start.

If this sounds familiar, Thermovey can be contracted on an ad-hoc basis, to support the responsible person.
Thermovey will breakdown the manufacturing process from raw materials through to finished goods and will
identify opportunities to reduce energy usage and carbon footprint.

Typical opportunities can arise from -

  1. Working practices
  2. Machines left powered on standby and not producing product
  3. Electricity usage – breakdown of electricity usage and the potential use of energy saving modifications,
    such as variable speed drives
  4. Gas usage – breakdown of gas usage and the potential use of energy saving modifications, such as
    improved insulation, heat recovery
  5. Compressed Air usage – undertaking a compressed air leak survey to identify leaks, inefficient use of
    compressed air, opportunities for reducing air pressure settings
  6. Cooling water usage – pump efficiencies, water quality, heat exchanger blockages, water filtration
  7. Maintenance practices – reducing breakdowns and improving machine reliability and production availability

If you have a resource issue and feel you could benefit from additional support to identify and implement
energy reduction projects, contact Thermovey to see how we can help.

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